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Candida albicans

Candida albicans

A Fungus Among Us

Ride the Wave of Health!

By Joel Dirk McDaniel
Thee Alternative Healing Institute

As this author sees an ever-increasing number of people with health problems, the candida albicans overgrowth problem has become very apparent. Candida overgrowth has become a serious national problem, mostly in the past few years. Our American diet, steroids, antibiotics, and use of birth control pills have caused this fungus to run wild. For the few who are eating to avoid the problem, it is becoming a losing battle. Food processors are now putting antibiotics into the foods.

Candida albicans is a single celled fungus that resides in everyone’s bowels. When the normal bowel bacteria, acidophilus, has been reduced with antibiotics or diet, this fungus runs rampant. This author believes that at least two-thirds of the population is now suffering in some way because of Candida overgrowth. It would not be a surprise to learn that this number is much higher. In a normal environment with normal bowel conditions, the Candida fungus is approximately five percent of the bowel flora. In this state, it has two beneficial purposes. One purpose is that it aids in initiating hormone activity. The other is to absorb heavy metals to be passed out with bowel movements. One theory proclaims that normal Candida will clean out bowel pockets, and reduce their reoccurrence. It is just a theory. There are at least eight-five strains of Candida, the albicans variety being the most prominent.More strains are found every day.

Candida albicans fungus

Evidence indicates that under a normal environment, the Candida albicans fungus consumes only dead tissue. When exposed to certain chemicals, such as birth control pills, cortisone, antibiotics, and petro-chemicals, the fungus changes dramatically. It starts to colonize, to work as a multi-cellular organism. It then adapts to consume living tissue. This starts the onslaught of thrush, toe fungus, athlete’s foot, vaginal yeast, and many other conditions.

When the heli-pylori bacteria is present in the bowel, Candida albicans causes severe intestinal distress. This bacterium is the cause of most stomach and intestinal ulcers. Heli-pylori will home under the protective digestive tract mucous away from the digestive acids. The acids cannot “digest” it there. It then begins weakening the intestinal walls and depleting the natural protective mucous. When attacking the Candida problem, it is wise to keep the heli-pylori bacteria in mind. The success of candida control is greatly reduced as long as this bacterium is present.

*Author Note: Underlined text is a very important piece of information. So far, I have not found in any professional literature this association between candida infection and helicobacter pylori. All clinicians who deal with gastrointestinal tract problems in any way, either as Western medicine doctors or as naturopaths , as Ayurveda physicians or know and practice some other kind of medicine, they should pay particular attention to this described relationship.

Candida overgrowth problems

  • Weight problems,
  • vaginal yeast,
  • athlete’s foot,
  • scalp problems such as dandruff,
  • nail fungus,
  • joint inflammation,
  • poor immune response,
  • headaches,
  • allergies,
  • shingles,
  • oral thrush,
  • canker sores,
  • excessive sneezing,
  • poor memory,
  • brain fog,
  • tooth plaque,
  • hemorrhoids,
  • throat mucous,
  • and skin eruptions like acne, are all connected with Candida overrun.
  • Let’s not forget diaper rash. For some, the diaper rash and brain fog is on the same end.

If you have ever used antibiotics or steroids, have had soft drinks or coffee, have eaten excessive amounts of sugar or yeast containing foods; this started the downward spiral to Candida overgrowth. If you have ever had cravings for quickly digested foods, like sugar or white flour, or cravings for foods that contain yeast, or had any of the mentioned problems, you had and still have a Candida overgrowth problem.

And “Sleep” in the corner of the eye indicates a Candida problem, so does a coated tongue. Speaking of sleep, do you ever feel like you never get enough, or you could sleep nine plus hours a night? Always a little tired? Maybe a little run down? Body aches, joint aches and swelling? Have you had a need to have a hysterectomy? Been diagnosed with Epstein Bar Virus? Lupus? ALS? MS? Arthritis? YOU probably have a Candida problem!

Chrohn’s Disease and Candida

Chrohn’s Disease and colonitis start with a parasitical invasion, which can be just Candida. Uncontrolled diarrhea may be Candida overgrowth. At minimum, Candida is involved. All constipation related problems have Candida involved. When acidophilus is low, Candida is in overgrowth. Low acidophilus is another form of constipation. By the way, the severest form of constipation is diarrhea.

Allergies and Candida

Most allergies can be eliminated with the elimination of Candida overgrowth. The waste products of Candida flood the lymph system with more toxins than it can handle, and the body develops allergies. Candida overgrowth drastically reduces digestion, allowing undigested food into the blood stream. This undigested food causes an immune response, the making of an allergy. The immune response to the Candida itself is a series of antigens. These antigens tax the immune system causing a weakened immune response, hence more allergies.

Sinus problems and Candida

Many reoccurring sinus problems are Candida overgrowth. Toxic bowel from Candida leaks toxins into the sinus cavities. The body rids itself of these toxins with a “runny nose.”

Hormone problems and Candida

Hormone problems may be Candida excess, for men or women. Candida secretes a substance that the body interprets as estrogen. The body reduces its normal output of estrogen thinking there is too much, when in fact there is far too little. End result, the estrogen is deficient. Yea, good ‘ol PMS may be a Candida problem. Maybe that is bad ‘ol PMS. It is the same way with endometriosis, another consequence of Candida overgrowth. Getting Candida under control might very well fix your hormone imbalance. After all, a Creator would not design a body that would need hormone supplements just because it had altered or stopped cycling.

Migraine and Candida

Headaches, particularly migraine, may be Candida. Bowels overrun with Candida form excess mucous as a protection. This causes a very toxic, dehydrated lymph system. The immune system’s response is to build antigens that flood the lymph. Toxic dehydrated lymph will give you a headache.

Osteoporosis and cartilage damage

The excess bowel mucous from Candida causes a reduction in nutrient absorption, particularly calcium and magnesium. Therefore, osteoporosis and cartilage damage can be caused by Candida. Don’t forget the halitosis, bad breath, from the disrupted, slow bowel state backing that good smelling air up to the mouth. My favorite symptom, bloating and gas, can come from Candida. When high glycemic foods are eaten, the Candida feasts. A by-product of this is gas, just like the making of beer. The bad breath and gas makes for interesting company, probably lets you know who your friends are, too.

Teeth problems and Candida

Candida may cause gum problems by weakening the gum below the tooth line. As stated earlier, most excess plaque is Candida related. Toe fungus is Candida. Losing a toenail to fungus is like losing your teeth to it.

Gout symptoms and Candida

Gout and gout like symptoms may be Candida, for it causes uric acid buildup from its waste products. Since Candida causes cravings for food that is acid forming, such as alcohol, white flour, and sugar, this in turn builds up excess acids. If you think about it, carpal tunnel syndrome is gout of the wrist. The inflammation in your wrist may be no more than excess body Candida.

Immune system dysfunction and Candida

Another sign that excess Candida is in the body is immune system dysfunction. This dysfunction, this confusion, may be MS/ALS to lupus to arthritis to catching cold. Many of the bone, cartilage, tendon, and ligament deterioration complaints are due to Candida. This overgrowth causes acid buildup, which eats away at the connective tissues and joint cartilage. Many arthritis suffers are really suffering from Candida excess. The excess body acid from Candida overgrowth settles in the joints, inflaming them. Usually when the arthritis is severe, there is also a virus causing a low-level immune response, also. When this is the case, it is necessary to kill the virus along with the Candida. When your arthritis is accompanied with skin eruptions and/or severe bowel distress, it is Candida overgrowth, period.

High blood pressure and Candida

There is mounting evidence that high blood pressure can be caused from Candida. Some studies show that Candida overgrowth thickens the blood. A thick liquid takes more pressure to pump it. The acid Candida produces irritates the blood vessel walls making them ridged, raising blood pressure.

Candida diet

Naturopaths relate high glycemic diet and parasites to ADD or ADS. High glycemic foods are foods that are converted into blood sugar rapidly, such as sugars, white flour, carrots, corn, potatoes, and rice. Attention Deficit Disorder, ADD/ADS, does have parasites involved, which may just be Candida overgrowth. Candida definitely thrives on high glycemic foods.

Cancer and Candida

This author also believes all cancer sufferers have a Candida overgrowth problem. Most natural healers already know there is a parasite problem with cancer. This author believes if there is a parasite problem, there is a Candida problem. Experience and other medical opinion are backing this belief up.

Emotional problems and Candida

Many emotional problems can be caused by an over abundance of Candida. A feeling of inferiority and despair usually accompanies Candida overgrowth. Many people complain of a feeling of something bad about to happen, as if trouble is just around the corner. This can lead to panic attacks and deep anxiety. Schizophrenia and the bi-polar condition have a connection to Candida. Depression is there also, even if it is just in the background. Many sufferers talk of a need to be anti-social, sometimes to the point of total seclusion. Candida overgrowth also causes the repeating feeling of “what’s the use,” so you do what is wrong. The need to nag, to be irritable, “bitchy”, is most likely candida overrun. It’s a feeling of “inner rage.” I have even heard “I feel like I’m going crazy” or “Man, she’s a little crazy.” Candida overgrowth causes many little side personality traits, which cause us not to be who we truly are.

*Author Note: This is a purely naturopathic view, and an view of the problem of candida infection is a classic example of the need for an integrative approach in today’s medicine.

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