LV-Pharm presents you a gallery of pictures and albums from various medical gatherings, lectures, presentations and fairs.

Grand Hotel Union, Ljubljana

11th European Congress for Integrative Medicine (ECIM)

Special Hospital Merkur, Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia

Lecture KME

Bel Medic Polyclinic

Lecture KME

General Hospital MediGroup

Lecture KME

Krakow' 17

Congress DHD

Health Center Stari grad, Belgrade, Serbia

Lecture KME

Hyatt Regency Belgrade

FASUS 2017

Metropol Palace Belgrade

SPAS 2017

Belgrade, Serbia

LV-Pharm in pharmacies

Hyatt Regency Belgrade

FASUS 2016

Organisation VMA, Belgrade

Gastroenterology section