LV-Pharm participant at the 11th European Congress of Integrative Medicine in Ljubljana

ecim2018 Ljubljana

Representatives of LV-Pharma: Dr Dušanka Stanković and Regional Manager Ranko Dangubić, B.Sc. Ecc.

The 11th European Integration Medicine Congress (ECIM), organized by Alma Mater europaea – ECIM, was held on September 21 and 23 at the Union Hotel in Ljubljana under the patronage of President Borut Pahor.

The Congress (ECIM) was held under the title “The Future of Comprehensive Patient Care”.

The congress was chaired by Prof. Dr. Feliks Unger, (President of the European Academy of Arts in Salzburg) prof. Dr. Ludvik Toplak (President of Alma Mater europaea ECM) Dr. Maruša Hribar, mag. pharm. (State Committee Ecim in the President of the Homeopathy Section) and Cesar Marija Komar, MD. (President of the Association for Acupuncture).

More than 300 participants with 167 scientific presentations from all continents and various academic areas have been registered to participate in the congress. Representatives of the most representative universities including University of California Los Angeles, Georgetown Universities, Washington, Royal London Hospital Ormond Street and doctors of the English court, Charite Berlin, representatives of Japanese, Chinese at Indian universities, including representatives of the Medical Faculty in Graz, attended the congress.

LV Pharm on ECIM congress in LjubljanaLV Pharm on ECIM congress in LjubljanaLV Pharm on ECIM congress in Ljubljana

Congress took place in several sessions or as part of parallel conferences, such as the 1st Slovenian and 5th International Congress of Ayurveda, 1st Slovenian Acupuncture Congress, 34th Annual International Symposium on Acupuncture, Electrotherapy and Latest Achievements and Integrative Medicine, 15th Biennial Congress “B-Digital O-Ring Test.

Scientists and experts from Serbia actively participated in the congress. The main goal of the Congress was the scientific proof of integrative methods in medicine. According to the Vice President of the European Integrative Medicine Association Dr. Momir Dunjic, the most important for integrative medicine is to combine methods of alternative and official medicine with the goal of approaching the patient in a holistic way, and to include the physical and mental aspects of the approach. This involves the cooperation of both methods and not their mutual exclusion. The goal is also to make the success of both unified methods scientifically validated.

The European Congress of Integrative Medicine is organized and organized at the highest possible level at the professional level. In addition, ECIM helped Slovenia in 2018 to involve local science associations for integrative medicine and enabled discussions on the latest developments with leading scientists worldwide and the advancement of patient care.

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