BioBran International Workshop 2018

BioBran International Workshop 2018

On July the 1st 20018 Daiwa hosted the “BioBran International Workshop 2018” at Kyoto Tokyo Hotel in Kyoto.

100 people from Japan and 200 overseas attended and listened to the latest reports regarding BioBran. Among them were doctors, pharmacist, and researchers. The workshop especially attracted a lot of attendees from abroad, and as many as 180 people gathered from a wide variety of regions, such as North America, Europe, Oceania, and Asia.

In the workshop, 12 doctors and researchers from Japan, the U.S., Asia, and Europe presented the latest studies on BioBran.

The workshop was also attended by representatives of LV Pharm.

Dr. Yuzo Endo

Dr. Yuzo EndoYuzo Endo, M.D. Ph.D., President, CEO & Representative Director of Geo Holdings Corporation Yuzo Endo who as reported more than 700 autopsy cases as a certified pathology of the Japanese Society of Pathology, and research inflammation and cancer from viewpoints of immunology, and molecular medicine, on Biobran Workshop was talking about “Perspective Vision of Biobran (RBAC) in medicine from cancer to Alzheimer’s disease”.

Among other things he said:

„One of the best supplements such as BioBran (RBAC) works as molecular interaction in the microenvironment such as suppressive regulatory control of microinflamentory processes. Eventually, under such an immunological condition of the cancer tissue, Biobran (RBAC) could help immune checkpoint interaction in terms of PD-1 as well as PD-1L therapy. Almost all inflammation occurs by the release of arachidonic acid as inhalator of inflammation, from the cell membrane of our all cells. Any event of cell destruction, such as endothelial cell damage under hypertension and cerebral nerve cell damage in Alzheimer disease cause local inflammation. In conclusion, BioBran (RBAC) is expected further to keep as a front-runner of the excellent supplement to support the people health leading to the coming century life in Japan as well as throughout the world.“

More about Dr. Yuzo Endo, M.D. Ph.D.

Dr. Mamdooh Ghoneum Ph.D.

dr.ghoneumDr. Mamdooh Ghoneum Ph.D. is an internationally recognized immunologist who is an expert in the area of cancer immune therapy, shared conclusion on the topic „ From bench to bedside“:

„The growing use of arabinoxylan rice bran / BioBran (RBAC) in cancer immunotherapy.

Our fundamental research objective over the past 25 years has been to study the biotherapeutic activity of BioBran (RBAC) as a treatment for cancer-based on its activity to activate the immune system. In vivo studies have show BioBran  (RBAC) includes tumor regression in several models of the animal bearing tumor, including gastric cancer, neuroblastoma, liver cancer, and mammary adenocarcinoma. In addition, the anticancer activity of BioBran (RBAC) has been shown in human clinical trials an in several cases reports in the patient with hepatocellular carcinoma and progressive and particular metastasized cancer.

BioBran (RBAC) enhances the cytotoxic reactivity of immune cells with anti-cancer activity.

Therefore, of BioBran (RBAC) may be used in DC-based vaccine strategies against infections and cancer.“

Dr. Mamdooh Ghoneum has published 90 articles and 130 abstracts, including 11 books in Japanese and in English related to cancer immunology. He holds 3 patents for inventing 3 biological response modifiers (BRMs) for the treatment of cancer.

He is also titled many Honors and Special Recognitions.

More about Dr. Mamdooh Ghoneum Ph.D

Dr. Rupert Handgretinger M.D., PH.D.

Dr. Rupert HandgretingerOne of the participants at the BioBran International Workshop 2018” was Dr.Rupert Handgretinger M.D., PH.D., a renowned pediatrician whose research focusses on immunotherapy approaches for the treatment of malignant diseases in infancy. He is known to be one of the leading experts in the performance of stem cell transplantation in children suffering from leukemia. His further expertise is diabetes mellitus in children and adolescents, allergies, cystic fibrosis, and organ transplantation in children.

„Natural Killer (NK) cell cytotoxic is crucial in fighting viral infections and controlling of malignant diseases. Biobran (RBAC) has been described as a potent enhancer of NK cell activity against a variety of tumors like breast cancer and hepatocarcinoma. However, no data has been reported in pediatric tumors. Here we show that overnight stimulation with Biobran (RBAC) increased NK cell cytotoxic activity against leukemic cell lines in vitro. Thus the combination of IL-2 and Biobran (RBAC) could be a promising approach to augment NK activity and proliferation in pediatric patients“ said Dr. Rupert under the topic „ The role of Biobran (RBAC ) in NK-cell mediated anti-tumor treatment strategies in pediatric children“.

More about Dr. Rupert Handgretinger.

Terry Golombick, MSC. Ph.D.

Terry Golombick, MSC“Our studies with patients with early hematological malignancies suggest the early intervention with nutraceuticals may lead to prolonged survival and delay in progressive disease in some of these patients.

„These compounds do not have long term toxicities as evidenced by the number of patients with stable disease who have been taking these agents for long periods of time. Larger studies are warranted to assess benefits in early hematological malignancies”, were words of Terry Golombick, MSC. Ph.D., Dipl. Nutr.

Dr. Golombick has received her Ph.D. from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa in 1994. Her thesis reported on some of the mechanisms of growth of cancer cells. Her findings showed how autonomous cancer cells could be. After many years spent doing laboratory research in a hospital environment, and the loss of a dear friend to chronic myeloid leukemia, she noted that patients were given little or no information on how to improve quality of life in order to fight the disease. She embarked on a number of clinical studies with patients with “watch and wait” cancers of the blood and bone marrow. Her research has shown how certain supplements can improve certain markers of disease progression and immune function in the blood of some patients. This early intervention may help slow down or stop these diseases from progressing. The findings of Dr. Golombick’s research has led to numerous publications.

More about Terry Golombick, MSC

Dr. Jerickson Abbie S. Flores

Dr. Jerickson Abbie S. FloresDr. Jerickson Abbie S. Flores  MD. graduated with honors (magna cum laude) both in his undergraduate degree in Medical Technology and Doctorate degree in Medicine at University of Santo Tomas. He was a recipient of the Korean Daewoong Pharmaceutical Scholarship Grant (Medicine). He was an awardee of Dr. Mariano M. Alimurung Award for the Most Outstanding Intern (3rd place) at Makati Medical Center. He was a former faculty member of the University of Santo Tomas. He is currently taking up his residency in Radiation Oncology in which he is involved in researches and training courses both local and international.

Here are some of the conclusion beyond the subject “The immunomodulation effects arabinoxylan rice bran/ BioBran (RBAC) on hematologic profile nutritional status and quality of life among head and neck carcinoma patients undergoing radiation therapy. A double-blind randomized control trial, he held at the Kyoto Hotel:

“Radiation treatment delays in management of head and neck malignancies secondary to anemia and poor nutritional status had greatly affected local and survival. Immunostimulants in the form of soluble fibers have been expired to reduce the complications of radiation and chemotherapy to allow patients to tolerate treatment better in the hope of improving treatment outcomes and quality of life. This study aims to determinate the immunomodulating effects of Biobran ( RBAC) as a supplement among head and neck cancer patients in addressing treatment complications such as anemia, leukopenia, weight loss and improvement of the quality of life.

Results from this study showed better clinical outcomes based on hematologic parameters, nutritional status, treatment-related toxicities and quality of Biobran ( RBAC ) compared to placebo. These have led to fewer blood transfusions, fewer treatment delays and hospital admissions of treatment mortalities and morbidities and improved quality of life among head and neck cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy- chemotherapy given with Biobran ( RBAC )”.

More about Dr. Jerickson Abbie S. Flores.

Dr. Ryoichi Obitsu M.D.

Dr. Ryoichi ObitsuSpecial lecture at the“BioBran International Workshop 2018”, held Dr. Ryoichi Obitsu M.D., PH.,D, a specialist in holistic cancer therapy.

“Holistic Medicine is a form of healing that comprehensively addresses “the whole person”- an integration of Body, Mind, and Spirit- in the quest for optimal health and wellness.

On the other hand, nature consists of a hierarchy of fields, where upper classes might enclose lower classes. As a result, when we attempt to treat cancer with Western medicine we sometimes encounter difficulties.

This might be because cancer is a disease that develops in the class of “human beings”- whereas Western medicine focuses on the class of organs. Therefore I emphasize that we need to treat cancer using Holistic medicine which focuses on the class of “human beings”.

Biobran particularly occupies an aspect of immunotherapy not addressed enough at present and plays an important role in finalizing the treatment strategy. Improving the strategy by using methods such as Biobran (RBAC)  has helped us pave the way to “ Great Holistic medicine” or the ideal Holistic medicine. I would like to introduce some clinical reports on BioBrAn (RBAC ) for reference. Please let me express my sincere gratitude.”

Dr. Obitsu assumes many important roles: The Honorary Chairperson of Japan Holistic Medicine Association, The Vice Director of World Academic Society of Medical Qigong, Japan, The Managing Director of Japanese Physicians Society for Homeopathy and The Managing Director of Japan Functional Food Research Association.

More about Dr. Ryoichi Obitsu.

Dr. John E. Levis, Ph.D.

Dr. John E. Levis“We have been evaluating the immunomodulatory effects of BioBran (RBAC ) in different populations over the decade in the ongoing clinical research program at University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. The results suggest that BioBran (RBAC ) is potent immunomodulator in the short term, has no interactive effects with medications, causes no adverse effects according to either participant report or liver enzyme and kidney function test. The results of these studies suggest that the immunomodulatory and anti-senescent activities of BioBran (RBAC ) are promising for people who are healthy and want to prevent disease related to inflammations and those with chronic afflictions who are subjected to accelerated aging”, stated Dr. John E. Lewis in his topic “The immunomodulatory and anti-senescent of BioBran (RBAC) among healthy adults and patients with chronic illness.

John E. Lewis, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. He is a diplomate, faculty member, and advisor of the Medical Wellness Association. Dr. Lewis has been the principal investigator of multiple nutrition, dietary supplement, exercise training, and medical device studies in the last 2 decades. Much of his research has included investigating the effects of interventions on a wide variety of outcomes, including immune and cognitive functioning, inflammation, physical fitness, nutrient status, quality of life, and mental health, in healthy adults and in those with Alzheimer’s, HIV, MS, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, diabetes, chronic pain, and GI disorders, among others.

More about Dr. John E. Levis.

Dr. Sok Cheon Pak

Dr. Sok Cheon PakDr. Sok Cheon Pak. Ph.D., South Korean education educator, researcher, in his presentation “ Evidence-based review of BioBran (RBAC ) as a complementary therapy for conventional treatment”, has closured:

“There is sufficient evidence suggesting BioBran (RBAC ) be an effective immunodučator that can complement conventional cancer treatment. However, more well-designed RCTs on BioBran ( RBAC ) are needed to strengthen the evidence base”.

Dr. Sok Cheon Pak published 61 articles in refereed journals, 1 book and 2 chapters in edited books since 2011. He is the bearer of important Honors and Special Recognitions.

More about Dr. Sok Cheon Pak.

Hayato Noguchi M.D.

Hayato NoguchiHayato Noguchi M.D., Director of The Tamachi IC Clinic in Japan, represent the subject “The case of ovarian cancer in which the metastatic colon tumor resolved with combination use of BioBran (RBAC ) containing supplement and allogenic leukocyte infusion therapy and avoided creation of an artificial anus”.

Hayato Noguchi M.D. adduced the case of a woman in her 40s, who had primary left ovarian cancer with the metastatic c colon tumor. The doctor in charge told her that she will have an artificial anus. But the metastatic colon tumor disappeared after combination use of BioBran( RBAC)- containing supplement and alo9genic leukocyte infusion therapy at Tamach IC Clinic, and she has succeeded in avoiding creation of the artificial anus.

More about Hayato Noguchi.

Dr. Dan Kenner

Dr. Dan KennerDan Kenner, Ph.D., L.Ac., is a consultant in alternative health care with more than thirty years of clinical experience in Chinese, Japanese, and naturopathic medicine. He has consulted with cancer patients for more than twenty-five years on immune restoration and finding resources for longevity and well-being. Kenner trained and completed internships in Japan and is licensed to practice oriental medicine both in Japan and the United States. He is on the board of governors of the National Health Federation and consults with clinics and companies on various aspects of alternative health care.

He explained following in his subject“Monitoring changes in blood parameters in cancer patients taking immune modulator”:

“Patients who undergo cytotoxic chemotherapy for cancer often suffer deleterious effects to immunity particularly to the bone marrow its production of cellular elements of the blood. Chemotherapy medicines target rapidly dived cells such as cancer cell, but also many of the normal cells in the blood, bone marrow, mouth, intestinal, and hair. As chemotherapy medicines damage the bone marrow, the marrow is less able to produce enough red blood cells, white blood, and platelets. Typically, the greatest impact is on white blood cells.

This presentation is a review of research on the effects of cultured basidiomycetes on blood test values. Results of laboratory blood values from cancer patients whose blood was monitored during treatment with chemotherapy are presented. A complete blood count was scored to establish baseline levels and study the effects of administration of cultured basidiomycetes and results were compared with subsequent treatment.

Subsequent treatment included the use of rice bran cultured with enzymes from the mycelia of Lentinus edodes ( Biobran (RBAC)), during and after cancer chemotherapy results show a general normalizing effect on patients and leukocytes. The general conclusion is that more extensive clinical studies could evaluate the probability of specific benefits to patients who exhibit blood cell values outside the normal range.”

More about Dr. Dan Kenner.


Most presentations were on human clinical studies. Daiwa constantly provides education about the efficacy of BioBran, both domestically and abroad.

BioBran is already distributed and used in 50 countries. This product has accumulated scientific evidence including more than 60 published studies and nearly 120 academic presentations

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