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Integrative medicine and integrative approach

Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine is a collection of modern (science-allopathic-western) medicine, traditional medicine (Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, phytotherapy, natural medicine, etc.), Alternative medicine (homeopathy, naturopathy, ortho-molecular, quantum, magnetic, new medical approaches followed by the development of technology, etc.).

LV Pharm products are designed on integrative medicine principals, following knowledge of scientific medicine, Ayurveda, naturopathy, natural treatments.

Integrative medicine – approach

Integrative medicine considers the union of the body, the mind, and the spirit as an integral and unbreakable whole, and gives importance to each one.

If there is a disbalance between emotional and spiritual in human, it may design negative consequences for the person’s health. The goal is that the whole organism is balanced.

A slogan that medicine use since ancient times is “Medicus curate natural Sanat” which means the doctor cares, nature heals.

Integrative medicine would be closest to the slogan given the great ability of self-healing organism.

It is well known that medicine is not always almighty and that cannot always achieve positive outcome and success in curing all kinds of diseases.

But not even traditional medicine can give us answers to all the questions. Scientific medicine is constantly moving forward and getting great results in numerous researches, it treats and curs many ailments but still do not know the causes of all illnesses. In science medicine, the treatment is focused on solving the consequence, not the cause.

Various medicaments may leave consequences to other organs, while they are resolving problems they have been prescribed for. So they may produce that the organism suffers while it is out of his balance.

Traditional and scientific medicine

Traditional and alternative medicine, opposite to the modern and scientific medicine may improve the health of the organism and can help neutralize some harmful effects of chemical pharmaceuticals, but neither she is a miracle worker.

The term scientific we use for modern medicine perhaps is not to appropriate, because today scientific methods can demonstrate and prove the effects of many natural treatments and natural cures.

So empirically we can see that the traditional and alternative medicine together may help us deal with many health problems.

They can stop prevent the emergence and development thereof without side effects. But often do not have quick effects as modern medicine.

In this regard, perhaps the most answers are given by Naturopathy. Naturopathy uses science for many diseases but their different approaches explain and interpret differently and therefore untreated.

Methods of treatments

By combining the knowledge of all medicines, the outcome of treatment should be most effective. For diagnosis modern medicine uses classical methods of examination but is largely relied on technique and technology.

Some form of traditional medicine as Ayurveda uses highly efficient methods based on the abundant of pulse diagnosis, examination of the mucosal tongue, eyes and etc.

These diagnostic methods can show if there are disorders of balance and provide a doctor larger view in which direction disease may develop, before the onset of clinically visible symptoms.

Very often, during the pulse diagnosis, many diseases was confirmed in other views that have been used techniques of modern technology to be applied to medicine

The methods of treatments used by many traditional and alternative medicine require a greater effort of the patient, the therapy must be taken for a long time, seek a waiver of everyday habits, discipline implemented all the recommendations and the like. Modern medicine, on the other hand, provides quick solutions, but often more comfortable and more efficient, which gives it an advantage (surgery, medications, etc.).

Therefore, integrative medicine encompasses all methods that can contribute to the preservation of health and cure or control the disease, regardless of their origin.

Treat a person, not just the disease.

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