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For normal liver function and regeneration.

LV-HepatoProtect is a dietary product solely plant-based.

LV-HepatoProtect restores the function and liver tissue, it affects the alleviation of symptoms of liver function disorders caused by alcoholism, infectious hepatic inflammation (hepatitis).

LV-HepatoProtect can also be used in diseases of the gallbladder and bile ducts, liver poisoning of various origins, fatty degeneration of the liver, inflammation of the liver of viral origin. It is used in type 2 diabetes, as well as in digestive problems. LV-HepatoProtect can be used as auxiliary therapy in chemotherapy because it prevents liver and kidney damage.

Approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia
Decision No. 9578/2016 of 09.08.2016

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Natural solution for normal function and regeneration of the liver.

LV-HepatoProtect increases the level of glutathione, a substance that detoxifies the liver and prevents damage under the influence of chemicals, drugs, hormones. It affects the stabilization of the membrane of the liver cells, which prevents the entry of toxins and stimulates the repair of damaged cells.

LV-HepatoProtect exhibit different beneficial effects on the liver and the very fabric of the liver:

  • Protective effect on liver (anti-oxidant prevents the formation of free radicals, prevents the formation of compounds which participate in the neutralization of the free radicals, anti-inflammatory which stimulates the synthesis of the protein)
  • It regenerates liver tissue
  • Allows quick recovery of the liver
  • Exhibits a favorable effect on fatty (steatosis) of the liver that is not created as a consequence of drinking alcohol (nonalcoholic) as well as those resulting from the consumption of alcohol (alkoholic)
  • It is very good in the treatment of hepatitis (such as add-on therapy)
  • Helps people who have problems with the formation and secretion of bile
  • It is used as adjuvant therapy for the treatment of diabetes
  • Helps people who have problems with hemorrhoids
  • Strengthen Your Body (means bitter)
  • It gives a good effect in the treatment of psoriasis.
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Weight 0,035 kg

Composition and instruction

Composition and instruction

Composition: Dry standardized extract of the Silybum marianum seeds (80% silymarin)

Packing: 30 capsules

Use: 1 capsule daily

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