LV-pharm is a company focused on the development, production and distribution of natural products and dietary supplements. We are proud of the work environment that we have created in our company. Our goal is to build quality human resources and to work on the continued development and improvement of existing competencies of employees. Our most important potential of people with whom we work. That’s why we invest in their training and development.

When employees strive to develop the skills of internal communication, which includes trust, openness to different ideas and proposals, respect, cooperation and loyalty.
We encourage each employee to present their ideas to improve our business. The best ideas we can do to reward worth.

Professional success in our company is strongly associated with the development of the following quality:

  • Focus on results, quality and high performance standards
  • The enthusiasm, energy and motivation to work
  • Ability to solve complex problems
  • Openness to change and new experiences
  • Willingness to continuous learning and improvement
  • Team spirit

Open positions

There are no open job positions currently.

If you are interested in a job in our company, please send your CV and cover letter sent to the e-mail address