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natto NKCP 125mg

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The Japanese are known for their longevity, with few cardiovascular diseases. Then kinase, from fermented black soybeans (autochthonous species), are used for centuries on a daily basis. Apply their experience and knowledge.

Natto NKCP is a dietary product that breaks down the thrombus and fibrinous deposits from the blood vessels (atherosclerosis). In addition, the NKCP Natt reduces blood dysfunction, prevents the blood cells from clutching, and prevents the formation of thrombus. Regulates cholesterol and triglycerides. Natto NKCP prevents the possible unintended consequences of travel by airplane and other means of transport such as: venous and lymphatic arrest, lower extremity, deep vein thrombosis, microcirculation of the organs of vision, hearing, balance, kidney, heart, brain, muscular spasm-numbness Muscle pain.

What makes this Natt NKCP special?

In particular, the tablets of plant natokinase enzymes are protected by a modern technological process on a micro level, and the entire tablet is also a special film. A special film protects the kinase, as an enzyme, from the action of hydrochloric acid of the stomach, as well as from the action of the enzymes of decomposition of the duodenum. In this way, the complete therapeutic amount is fully absorbed, which results in a complete therapeutic and health effect.

So pay attention, not all kinases are the same!

Dr. Hiroyuki Sumi, Ph.D. in 1980, first isolated the enzyme which was the main active substance of food, and then called it natokinaza. Manufacturer natto NKCP is Daiwa Pharmaceutical, Tokyo, Japan.

Approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia

Decision No. 10086/2017 of 01.31.2017.

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Natto, a traditional Japanese dish of fermented black soybean (autochthonous species), are used for centuries on a daily basis. In traditional medicine, natto is delicacy, which is good for health, especially for the circulation of blood and heart. The latest scientific studies have revealed why Natto is good for health. A useful Bacillus subtilis natto bacteria during fermentation produces fibrinolytic proteins (including nattokinase), which naturally help the organism to maintain optimum blood flow. Therefore, natto is an important food for those who want to reduce the risk of blood clots (thrombosis), which are a major factor in the development of cardiovascular diseases. Natto is a safe substitute for aspirin for healthy blood flow. Unfortunately, dish natto has an unpleasant taste, smell and texture. Out of Japan food is unavailable. Daiwa Pharmaceuticals has produced small NKACP-based tablets containing standard Bacillus subtilis Natto culture extract (Bacillopeptidase F). The tablets are odorless, vitamin K2 is removed, and are suitable for anyone who wants the benefits of Natto food.

natto NKCP powerful influance:

  • against the formation of plaque on the walls of blood vessels (thrombolytic effect)
  • against the formation of fibrin deposits on the walls of blood vessels (fibrinolytic activity)
  • anticaking blood cells, or preventing thrombus formation, reducing the thickness of the blood (an antiplatelet effect) like aspirin (aspirin, andol etc.), But over a longer period of application does not impart any undesired effects
  • When atherosclerotic changes in blood vessels
  • Regulates cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Preventive and with therapy for stroke, heart attack, cardiovascular problems, varicose veins and all conditions similar etiology
  • Prevents the risk of acute coronary syndrome, coronary blood vessels atrophy.

* Natto NKCP is compatible with anticoagulants (e.g., warfarin).

* Natto NKCP contains genetically modified ingredients.

* Natto NKCP increases the effectiveness of the mechanisms of natural control (balance) of our orgnizma which refers to the viscosity of the blood, leading to over-dilution of the blood in contrast to certain drugs (acetyl salicylic acid).

* Natto NKCP helps to restore the balance between clotting (coagulation) process and the dissolution of the thrombus (thrombolysis and fibrinolysis) in the blood.

Product safety is confirmed by numerous tests, including tests for toxicity, mutagenicity and overuse.

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Weight 0.039 kg

Composition and instruction

Composition and instruction


– Standardized Extract culture (Bacillus subtilis natto Culture)

Use: It is recommended 1 to 2 tablets preventive  at bedtime and after meals if the attending physician directs otherwise

Packing: 60 tablets, 125 mg of active substance per tablet

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